“You can use and abuse me, I don’t care” Omoni Oboli comforts Ufoma McDermott who lost her brother

Star actress Ufoma McDermott is in a mourning mood after losing her brother to kidney disease.
The actress who is holding on strongly has said that her brother has finally found peace in death, but naturally she is in deep pains and this her close friends have noticed.

Omoni with Ufoma

One of her closest friends Omoni Oboli while comforting and condoling with Ufoma has stated that she would be there for her. “You can do anything you want with me, use me and abuse me” she said as a way of telling the grieving Ufoma that she would be there for her.
Ufoma’s late brother had battled for a while with kidney disease before his sad demise!
May his should rest in peace and may the family find comfort!

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