Horrifying moment a man beats and drags his father’s mistress in a bid to get revenge for his mother

Horrifying footage has emerged showing a man beating up his own father’s mistress in the middle of a Chinese street while people gathered to watch and did nothing.

The incident took place in Yuzhou City, central China’s Henan province on August 27. The man is said to have blamed the mistress for his parents’ failed marriage and decided to take revenge on behalf of his mother.

In the footage the man can be seen grabbing the woman by the hair, hitting her, kicking her in the face and stomping on her as onlookers watch. He throws the woman to the ground and slaps and punches her some more.

The abused woman and the suspect’s father are thought to have planned a date and the son accosted her on her way. Police eventually arrived and stopped him from battering the woman further. Authorities are now said to be investigating the incident.

People who watched the footage have expressed outrage at the crowd for not interfering.

One user wrote: “This man should be detained and then sentenced. The violent behaviour of this crowd is completely intolerable.”

Watch the video below.

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