The Best Positions to Use if You Want to Pamper Her

If you would like to show your woman a good time and pamper her, then these moves are your best bets.
Get ready to lead her to the highest pleasure peak with these rare s*x styles to be explained here.
Is it your woman’s birthday, Valentines Day or do you simply want to take time out to pamper your woman s*xually? Choosing the right s*x moves will help you achieve this and totally drive her crazy, in a good way.
These four s*x positions are perfect if you want to make this all about her pleasure.
(1) Gentle Missionary:
Instead of just ramming in and out while on top of her, how about you take things slow. The v*gina is filled with so many nerve endings that every single move will send pleasurable tingles up her spine, so, no need to rush. ‘Jackhammering’ away at her during missionary only helps you as men prefer rougher moves, but if you really want to make this about her, then go gently. Let her feel you from the tip down to the base and slowly push her over the edge.
(2) Lying-down Doggy:

There are some perks to doggy style s*x but you can amplify them by making her lie down as you enter her as opposed to having her on her knees. She can lie on her stomach while you put a pillow or cloth underneath her pelvis for easier access. Suggest she keeps her legs closed so she can feel the friction completely.


(3) Sit and Ride:
You sit on the bed with your legs spread in front of you and she lowers herself on you, facing you. It is a variation of the Cowgirl s*x position except that you are sitting up. She does less of the work as you are in a prime position to grab her and move against her. It is also an intimate move as literally get to stay in an embrace. You can hold her, look in her eyes and whisper loving words that will caress her heart.
(4) Head Game:
Go down on her, simple!  Oral s*x can be the most selfless s*x act. This is your opportunity to make s*x completely about just her pleasure. All she needs to do is lie down, relax and enjoy. No hotter example of total pampering.

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